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Bio-Analytical Scientist (Full Time)

Dublin, Ireland


Bio-Analytical Scientist

APC Ltd is an award-winning and rapidly growing science- and technology-driven biopharmaceutical process research company.  In the space of 5 years, we have pioneered innovation in the sector and we now partner with 8 of the top-10 pharma and 5 of the top-10 biotech firms in the world.

From our world-class facility, we offer specialised chemical and process engineering solutions.  Powered by novel technology and world-class scientific research, we help companies accelerate the development & launch of their medicines.

Our rapid growth has come from a commitment to excellence, a drive to innovate and the desire to develop a challenging, creative and rewarding environment for our team.  Due to continued expansion, we seek to recruit a Bioanalytical Scientist who is proficient in a wide range of methods used in the characterisation of large molecule biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Duties and responsibilities.

The Bioanalytical Development Scientist will:

  • Operate to GLP standards within a R&D laboratory

  • Provide analytical development support across the APC bioprocess development group through collaboration with research scientists and engineers, both internally and externally

  • Working within a research team to plan, organise and deliver R&D biopharmaceutical research projects

  • Monitor, develop, optimise and validate analytical methods, in particular for HPLC and bioassays.

  • Based on needs, develop and introduce new techniques, methods and processes to improve business effectiveness

  • Participate in the scheduled maintenance and calibration of analytical equipment

  • Provide direct support for the tech transfer of analytical methods

  • Support the training and development of junior staff members

  • Present the issues, results and project progress to client companies and management

  • Prepare technical presentations and report material

  • Maintain quality documentation and provide support for internal/external audits

  • Comply with all aspects of HSE regulations and company policies


 Experience: The ideal candidate will possess some or all of these skillsets:

  • Proficient in the execution of HPLC/UPLC methods for protein characterisation including reversed phase impurities assays, peptide mapping, glycan analysis, aggregates analysis (SEC) and charged variant analysis.

  • Experienced in electrophoretic techniques such as capillary electrophoresis, imaged CIEF, SDS-PAGE, 2D-PAGE and Western blotting.

  • Familiar with immunoassays (ELISA), qPCR and flow cytometry.

  • Strong understanding of upstream and downstream unit operations in the production of biological products including a detailed knowledge of how each unit operation affects critical quality attributes.

  • Experience of close collaboration with process engineers in the interpretation of analytical data to guide process understanding and control.

  • Experience with QbD and DOE approaches as they relate to the optimisation of pharmaceutical processes.

  • Experience of analytical method development and method validation, either for in-process testing, release testing or stability-indicating assays.

  • Analytical method transfer and method troubleshooting/optimisation strategies.