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CS Consulting Group Vacancies

Welcome to our vacancies page. All of our positions are listed below. If you don't see anything that suits please feel free to send us your CV and we will let you know if anything suitable comes up.


About us

CS Consulting is a group of civil and structural engineers based in Dublin, Limerick and London.

We are problem-solvers in all areas of the built environment. 

Ours is an integrated, expert team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians. Working closely together we provide a reliable, highly innovative and responsive engineering consultancy service.

The CS Consulting Group’s vision is to deliver the highest level of excellence in engineering. We aspire to this from a solid base. Our track record is one of top-quality design, advice and service across Ireland and UK.

We are proud of our projects. The structures and outcomes we help our clients achieve are functional, but also benefit both from innovation and aesthetical design flair, and are always executed within the constraints of cost budgets and critical programmes.

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