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Connections QC Lead (Full Time)

Dublin, Ireland



An opportunity exists for a Connections QC Lead to join our Clients Network Operations Team.

The role

We are seeking an experienced person with a track record of problem solving in telecommunications networks to be a member of our Clients quality control team in Network Operations.

Key Responsibilities

  • To act as the quality control for customer connections and service repair activities by the Connections & Assurance contractor(s).
  • To validate the work codes and materials deployed as invoiced by the contractor against the connections design and the actual deployment
  • To minimise cost variations between connections design and deployment
  • To initially act as the approver of small cost variations with the contractor in order to understand variations and take joint actions to reduce them
  • To investigate and feedback the reasons for high cost connections (>€5k and €1k-€5k cost bands)
  • To sample check connection designs, job packs and cost estimates supplied by Design from the Design contractor(s)
  • To provide reports on activities undertaken and to provide feedback across the business to improve the quality assurance processes
  • To review and validate documents of new network acceptance and handover process.


Key Deliverables:

  • Assessments of the contractor(s) performance in regard to network build of customer connections, in-home connection, service repair and restoration.
  • Variance reports on cost deviations between initial connections design cost and deployed costs
  • Reports on outcomes of investigations and recommendations regarding high cost connections.
  • Assessment and recommendations of variations and improvements for the design outputs of customer connections
  • Quality improvement proposals and plans


Knowledge and Experience


  • Extensive experience with GIS and analytics in SmallWorld and ArcGIS.
  • Experience with ERP systems such as Oracle, SAGE or SAP.
  • 3 + years’ experience in the production of Fibre Access Network Detailed designs or similar.
  • Knowledge of operation of an ISO accredited environment.
  • Experience of Quality Assurance and Quality management systems essential.
  • Experience of telecommunications network construction principles essential.
  • Experience of local authority licencing, wayleave process and related requirements.
  • Ability to manage time and deal with multiple complex problems at once.
  • High levels of flexibility, willingness to learn and develop new skills both individually and as a team member.
  • Ability to successfully interact with external partners/vendors.
  • Demonstrates flexibility and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.


What’s on offer for successful candidates?

  • Competitive salary
  • Company phone and laptop.



About us

Entegro is at the forefront of Telecommunications technology, designing and deploying gigabit networks for future generations. We are proud to be industry leaders, working with communities, industry and service providers, to empower and connect people, homes and businesses, in urban and rural areas.

Clients are at the heart of what we do, locally and internationally. They know they can depend on our expertise, experience, innovation and standard of service - qualities drawn from the two successful entities behind Entegro: i.p.One Ltd. and The Syncom Group. Whether it’s a green-field site or a network upgrade, we are your ideal partner, adding value, aiding growth and consolidating your network capacity requirements.

The name Entegro has its roots in the Latin word ‘integro’ - to integrate, recreate or renew, reflecting our ability to combine different elements into a better, unified system, and how we come together to deliver growth for our clients. 

Entegro offers fully managed, out-sourced solutions or combinations of individual component services, as required. All backed by Entegro’s commitment to quality, communication and social responsibility.