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Telecoms Field Surveyors - Northern Ireland (Full Time)

Northern Ireland, United Kingdom



We are currently seeking a Telecoms Field Surveyor to join our expanding team in Northern Ireland and help to take us to the next level. The successful candidates will have the opportunity to grow and develop this role in order to fit the ambitious growth plans of the company.

The role

This role involves surveying, planning, and designing cost effective FTTx network for enabling residential and business customers in Northern Ireland.

You will be required to review & record all customer demand points. Where applicable;

a)      Add new addresses

b)     Update Property Count

c)      Move demand points if proposed location is incorrect.

d)     Identify most suitable handover point to the customer premises



Review & record all proposed routes.

a)      Red line the cheapest routes

b)     Identify key feeder routes

c)      Identify routes to be avoided e.g. moratorium, expensive granite, etc.


Review & record all nodal boundaries

a)      Change boundaries to most suitable split if required

b)     Change node cabinet locations if required


Review & record LOC Areas

a)      Create LOC boundaries in areas such as;

b)     WSD Shared driveway

c)      PRRD Private road

d)     ADRD Unadopted road

e)     BP Business park


Identify & record Special Engineering Difficulties and Risks to the project delivery

a)      Identify

b)     Classify

c)      Propose solution to SED/risk


In addition, you will also be required to;

  • Complete site-specific risk assessment
  • Identify & record traffic sensitive areas
  • Speaking with the public and 3rd party stakeholders to enable identifying wayleaves
  • Ensure design has no conflict with 3rd party plant records.


Key skills and experience


  • Good Tablet skills, updating field survey information on handheld device.
  • BT PIA accredited - Training will be given
  • Basic Chapter 8 - SLG
  • Appreciation of routing of telecom wiring from point to point
  • A detailed-oriented & methodical approach to work.
  • Willingness to travel
  • Flexible and adaptable to work challenges and open to learn and develop skills.
  • A high standard of written and spoken English
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to work within a team.



About us

Entegro is at the forefront of Telecommunications technology, designing and deploying gigabit networks for future generations. We are proud to be industry leaders, working with communities, industry and service providers, to empower and connect people, homes and businesses, in urban and rural areas.

Clients are at the heart of what we do, locally and internationally. They know they can depend on our expertise, experience, innovation and standard of service - qualities drawn from the two successful entities behind Entegro: i.p.One Ltd. and The Syncom Group. Whether it’s a green-field site or a network upgrade, we are your ideal partner, adding value, aiding growth and consolidating your network capacity requirements.

The name Entegro has its roots in the Latin word ‘integro’ - to integrate, recreate or renew, reflecting our ability to combine different elements into a better, unified system, and how we come together to deliver growth for our clients. 

Entegro offers fully managed, out-sourced solutions or combinations of individual component services, as required. All backed by Entegro’s commitment to quality, communication and social responsibility.