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Operations Manager (Full Time)

Ireland, Ireland



We are currently seeking an Operations Manager to join our expanding team. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to grow and develop this role in order to fit the ambitious growth plans of the company.

The role

This role will suit a strong-minded professional, capable of working in a dynamic environment in a customer facing role. You must be comfortable working to and setting high standards for your team. You will be responsible for the day to day supervision of Client Based Project Teams and projects. The role will involve managing field based staff working on a design based project, managing client relations on the project and liaising internally with different departments.

Responsibilities for each area of focus include:

Health & Safety (In conjunction with H&S Advisor)


Deciding on most suitable equipment required, e.g. bump caps or hard hats, boots or shoes, etc.

Sourcing & Testing prior to implementation

  • Quality
  • Team Feedback

Forms & Compliance


Adherence to PSDP Compliance Requirements



 Survey Field Tools

  • Select what is required to meet contract requirement
    • Source
    • Issue
    • Log & Record

 Survey Hardware

  • Interact with IT & determine requirement
  • Involvement in selection and suitability
  • Determining & requesting quantity



  • Ensure all staff have the necessary coaching & training to use the systems e.g.
    • Tablets & Maps
    • Suparule 


Technical Requirement of Field Staff

  • Training Program Content Practical
  • Training Program Content Hardware

As mentioned in equipment

  • Training Program Delivery
    • Input to program content and how it is delivered.
  • Refreshers as required
    • Under-performing Staff
    • Scope clarification/change
  • Toolbox talks updates



Arrange logistics required for direct staff with Business Support

  • Fleet
  • Accommodation
  • Hardware


Field Works

Reviewing Area’s Pre Works & working with team and suppliers to be prepared pre mobilisation

  • Design Office Detail
  • Street view Review
  • Drive out
  • Agree with team and suppliers work allocation and schedule to deliver
  • Agree program delivery with Project Manager and own the delivery once agreed.
  • Forecast resource requirement and agree with Project Manager on resourcing model e.g. direct or supplier model
  • Update resource allocation plan and track planned against delivery
  • Arrange supplier involvement as required
    • Ensure supplier and staff are approved by Entegro prior to works commencing.
  • Arrange for team members to attend site meetings with client or 3rd part stakeholders as required.



  • Ensure team is structured to meet the project requirements.
  • Interview and onboard new staff as required
  • Ensure all staff brought to the Technical Requirement, Quality, H&S & environmental level required prior to commencing on live project
  • Deal with staff not meeting Quality, HSEQ or program requirements
    • Improvement plans

Determine teaming up of personal on projects and ensuring this is aligned with:

  •  Buddying system; Experienced with non-experienced
  •  Staff Home Location
  •  Staff Personalities
  •  Raise, Review & Sign Off on all Staffing Proforma requirements



  • Onboard new suppliers as the need arises are approved by Entegro prior to works commencing.
  • Ensure supplier is notified of forecast allocated to them and has the bandwidth to meet this forecast.
  • Ensure supplier staff have the same equipment, training, logistics as set out for direct staff.
  • Ensure supplier staff have the same quality standards and expectation as set out with direct staff and is aligned with company values.



  • Attend weekly F2F meetings with the client and build partners as required.
  • Manage field interaction required between the client and build partners and your team
  • Manage the interaction and feedback from the client/build partners from a field perspective back into the entegro team.
  • Identify areas that require business improvement from a client perspective and work with the client and entegro team on getting the project to the level required.
  • Manage any Change Requests that impact the field delivery of the project.
  • Ensure deliveries are in line with SLA’s for time and quality.


Design Office

Daily Interaction with Design Office

  • Quality of work
  • Additional work required
  • Issuing of maps
  • Feedback from client

Agree survey requirement with design house

Ensure survey detail captured is aligned with requirement to deliver design

Agree tutorials if improvement in how detail is captured is required


Key skills and experience


  • Degree qualified
  • Telecommunication experience
  • A min of 4 years in a similar position
  • Client focused approach
  • Proactive and driven approach
  • First rate stakeholder and influencing skills
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Excellent IT skills


Please Note;

Only applicants eligible to work in Ireland will be considered for this role.



About us

Entegro is at the forefront of Telecommunications technology, designing and deploying gigabit networks for future generations. We are proud to be industry leaders, working with communities, industry and service providers, to empower and connect people, homes and businesses, in urban and rural areas.

Clients are at the heart of what we do, locally and internationally. They know they can depend on our expertise, experience, innovation and standard of service - qualities drawn from the two successful entities behind Entegro: i.p.One Ltd. and The Syncom Group. Whether it’s a green-field site or a network upgrade, we are your ideal partner, adding value, aiding growth and consolidating your network capacity requirements.

The name Entegro has its roots in the Latin word ‘integro’ - to integrate, recreate or renew, reflecting our ability to combine different elements into a better, unified system, and how we come together to deliver growth for our clients. 

Entegro offers fully managed, out-sourced solutions or combinations of individual component services, as required. All backed by Entegro’s commitment to quality, communication and social responsibility.