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Safety Management System Specialist (Full Time)

Dammam, Saudi Arabia






Demonstrates an excellent safety behaviour and attitude, follows regulatory practices and rules, recognizes, and Promotes hazard reporting and ensures effective safety reporting.


Acts as an information conduit to bring safety issues to the attention of management and to deliver safety information to the organization’s staff, contractors, and stakeholders.


Maintain an effective HSE Safety Management system.


Promote and provide safety awareness training to employees and students.


Timely report to the Director of Quality and Safety on any significant Safety events that lower the Safety of Operations.


Analyses technical data for trends related to hazards, events and occurrences


Responsible and accountable for identifying safety risks in accordance with the risk assessment process and ensuring that adequate risk mitigation steps are appropriately implemented in order to assure safety within the workplace.





Senior level:       Operations Department Heads and Managers – Provides Information as required

Mid level:           Flight College Management & Postholders – Provides and elicits information and gives advice of a specialist nature

Junior level:        Subordinate Managers, Instructors, Examiners and trainees - Provides and elicits information and gives direction and training



Mid level:           External auditors






The role will operate within a pressured environment with reduced lead times and often working out of office hours.  There is a high degree of responsibility with the job due to the variety of elements within the job scope.




  • broad operational knowledge and experience in the functions of the organization (e.g. training management, aircraft operations, air traffic management, aerodrome operations, and maintenance organization management);


  • sound knowledge of safety management principles and practices;


  • good written and verbal communication skills;


  • well-developed interpersonal skills;


  • ability to relate to all levels, both inside and outside the organization;


  • organizational ability;


  • ability to work unsupervised;


  • good analytical skills;


  • leadership skills and an authoritative approach; and


  • worthy of respect from peers and management




Qualification & Education:

  • Must have an appropriate business degree.
  • SMS certifications



  • Minimum of 5 years aviation industry SMS experience is required.


Training & Knowledge:

  • Formal training in aviation Safety Management Systems,
  • Excellent knowledge of airline regulations issued by an appropriate regulatory authority (preferably FAA and GACA)
  • Fluency in English language
  • High computer literacy (Microsoft Office applications)

About us

The Saudi National Company of Aviation (SNCA) has established a new flight academy in its aviation center at King Fahad International Airport. The new flight academy is a CAE Authorized Training Center. Drawing upon over 75 years of pilot training expertise, The pilot training programs provide focused ab initio training to aspiring pilots across Saudi Arabia and The Middle East. Our unique CPL program starts with a foundation year followed by a premier ground school course with high-quality flying instruction delivered in accordance with the Saudi Aviation Authority requirements.

CAE and SNCA announced at the 2017 Dubai Air Show a collaboration agreement for the creation of the OxfordSaudia, a CAE Authorized Training Centre. CAE is providing the authorized training centre the key elements for world-class cadet training such as commercial pilot license curriculum and courseware, the training of staff and instructors, and safety and quality control systems. As a global leader in training, CAE trains more than 220,000 crewmembers a year, including 1,500 cadets.

The authorized training center in Dammam is funded by the Saudi National Company of Aviation and has the resources and expertise to train up to 400 cadet pilots annually.