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About us

We create and produce quality television with heart for children all over the world.

We believe in the power of story to entertain, amaze and to influence the next generation and we take our responsibility of storytellers to children very seriously knowing that our stories are seen by uncountable numbers of kids across the world.

We believe in creating the highest quality work in every aspect and work in all mediums - 2D and 3D animation, puppetry and live action. Everything that we do has a tangible and handmade feel because we like the audience to see our fingerprints in our work. We never cut corners and we refuse to compromise.

Our aim is to see our work broadcast into every country, every home and watched by every child.

We believe in the power of good.

We know that television is a strong influential force on children. We tell stories of hope because we have proven that story and character can change attitudes and lives for the better.

We believe in the influence of positive characters in children’s television and we create endearing characters who are strong female leads and great boy role models.

We produce shows that reinforce the fact that everyone is equal, everyone has value and everyone is important. We do not get involved in shows that encourage anarchy, violence or any kind of inequality.

Our studio is a positive environment. Negativity and disrespect aren’t part of our culture. Respect for every person by every person is at the root of who we are. We believe in looking out for each other. We employ the most talented people for the job and we don’t care about gender, religion, sexual preference. We place a huge value in our people.





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